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Article 8 - Public Debt and Public Works

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§ 01 Public debt
§ 02 Additional, and for what purposes
§ 02a Repealed
§ 02b Adjusted compensation for service in World War II
§ 02c Construction of state highway system
§ 02d Korean War bonus
§ 02e Providing means for securing funds for highway and public building construction
§ 02f Authorizing bond issue to provide school classrooms, support for universities, for recreation and conservation and for state buildings
§ 02g Authorizing bond issue or other obligations for highway construction
§ 02h Bond issue for development
§ 02i Capital improvement bonds
§ 02j Vietnam conflict compensation fund
§ 02k Issuance of bonds for local government public infrastructure capital improvement
§ 02l Parks, recreation, and natural resources project capital improvements
§ 02m Issuance of general obligations
§ 02n Facilities for system of common schools and facilities for state-supported and state-assisted institutions of higher education.
§ 02o Issuance of bonds and other obligations for environmental conservation and revitalization purposes.
§ 02p Issuance of bonds for economic and educational purposes and local government projects.
§ 02q Issuance of bonds for environmental revitalization and conservation
§ 02r Issue bonds to provide compensation to veterans of the Persian Gulf, Afghanistan, and Iraq conflicts
§ 02s Issuance of additional general obligation bonds to fund public infrastructure capital improvements
§ 03 The state to create no other debt
§ 04 Credit of state; the state shall not become joint owner or stockholder
§ 05 No assumption of debts by the state
§ 06 Counties, cities, towns, or townships, not authorized to become stockholders, etc.; insurance, etc.
§ 07 Sinking fund
§ 08 The commissioners of the sinking fund
§ 09 Their biennial report
§ 10 Application of sinking fund
§ 11 Semiannual report
§ 12 Repealed
§ 13 Economic development
§ 14 Financing of certain housing; revenue bonds, loans from corporations
§ 15 State assistance to development of coal technology
§ 16 State and political subdivisions to provide housing for individuals
§ 17 Limitations on obligations state may issue.

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